Scientific Annals of Polish Society of Animal Production

1-oklrn“Scientific Annals of Polish Society of Animal Production” Quarterly has been published since 2005 and it constitutes the improved continuation of “Scientific Notebooks of Breeding Review”, existing since 1990. In the periodical, there are published exclusively original scientific papers which were earlier subject to evaluation by two independent experts – opinion-givers and by the Editorial Committee.

The papers are published in 6 subject groups:
• Animal genetics and breeding,
• Systems and technologies of animal performance,
• Animal nutrition,
• Animal reproduction,
• Quality of animal products
• Animal behavior and welfare.

The research articles are published in Polish and in English; the papers in Polish have English summaries; all the papers have bilingual descriptions of tables and figures and also, summaries in Polish and in English. “Scientific Annals of PSAP” enable a direct access to the current and required literature for scientists, practitioners and advisors in the field of agriculture who are, in particular, involved in animal production; they also constitute a forum of an access to animal science knowledge on a high scientific level.